Asian Pandemic Diary


Affected Countries (49) One Lakh COVID Cases Five Thousand Covid Deaths

Asia has been the second worst affected region of the world after Europe; if for a while we do not consider United States, being a special case.. an outlier in statistical terms..

  • Atleast 49 Asian Countries or territories have been affected.
  • Seven Countries have registered more than one lakh confirmed COVID cases (India tops tops the list) whereas
  • Four countries have so far faced Five thousand or more deaths from COVID-19 (India leads the death tally), the cases and deaths for some of the Asian countries are still on the rise.

The three densely populated subcontinent countries of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have shown a great surge in the number of cases after Turkey and Iran being the leaders in the initial phase. 

Though it was a late entry for India  among top affected countries especially due to strong lockdown measures imposed by premier Narendra Modi in the first phase. However, India could not stop the inevitable - India now ranks third highest in the World among 215 affected countries and regions.

The top Asian countries are summarized in the continent view for Asia .. The data for all the countries may not be up to date.. My sources have been CNN, Worldometer and some European newspapers and websites..