Aaj Ka Chalchitra

Today October 31 2020 

#21 - Anari - 1959-

Questions : 

1. Who gave the music of Anari

2. What was the first movie as a director for Hrishikesh Mukherjee

3. Who played the role of Nutan's uncle in the film

World Pandemic Diary

Submitted by amrit on Sat, 07/11/2020 - 06:01

Here we are providing top 3 countries for each continents leaving out exceptional Australia or Oceania

Continental Diary (# Shows World Position )


Country - 1 

Country - 2 

Country - 3 



Submitted by amrit on Thu, 05/21/2020 - 19:19

Over the years I have spent quite some time in learning Drupal, WordPresss SQL, Bootstrap, CSS3 and HTML 5 as the most basic tools for web design and development..

Though many of them serve my personal interests like Hindi Cinema, Sports, Music and Community development.. quite a few could interest or be useful to others..

Pandemic Confirmed Cases Greater than 50,000

Submitted by amrit on Sun, 05/17/2020 - 11:21

The exercise was initiated with the intent of comparing daily data.. I did not continue as I reall wanted people to get a current picture.. with emphasis on number of confirmed cases.. breaking up the spread into continents and including a link to the country on wikipedia and one of the major news link for the country besides the capital.. though I do not know why the capital were included and not the leader of the country..