Bhupinder Singh..

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Bhupinder Singh -  Kuchh Khaas Lamhe Kuchh Khaas Nagme .. Abhaya

We have lost yet another gem from our Music Industry .. 

Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh Joins Lata Mangeshkar who  had left this world on his 82nd birthday.. 

Born February 6 1940 Death 18 July 2022

National Cinema Day

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National Cinema Day Special Post ..

Respected Big B(rother) of Indian Cinema
Heartiest Congratulations and Celebrations..

This is the first time that something like National Cinema Day has been announced and celebrated.. I did not know that more than 4000 screens were part of giving concessional tickets @ Rs. 75/- and it could have been helpful in watching Brahmastra in theatre.. it is OK..

The Joy of Giving must be on the mind of those who have thrived for more than 100 years serving Cinema..

Sahir Birth Centenary - Top Films

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The most important films are listed here, there is no fixed order yet the films dear to me find a higher place in the list.. However as a second thought to avoid discrepancy I have tried to organize the top 10 films of my choice and later to ascending order of their release year and next by film title..

Sahir wrote lyrics for some of his great songs for the BR Chopra films.. The Music Composer Ravi (Sharma) is known to be top Music director for him though Sahir initially had worked with illustrious Sachin Dev Buman (Notably for the cult film Pyaasa by Guru Dutt) 

Jagjit Singh - The Gazal King of India

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Jagjit Singh was so close to my heart for so many years, yet I could not attend any of his live programs, most of the time it was the cost factor.. and at times the distances involved in travelling to the venue.. mostly the concert were pricey for a government servant like me.. 

Today on February 08 2021 I create this book dedicated to the man I loved so much, it is his eightieth Birth anniversary today. I have renamed the book from the prolog questionnaire Know Your India that was done on the golden jubilee of Indian Independence